Business Optimization

The best technology and software can’t fully deliver on its potential with an ill optimized business. At OCI, we strongly believe in building solid foundations for business to protect investments and ensure maximum return on investment. We will do so while addressing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our specialized Business Consultants will follow OCI’s proven holistic methodology:

      • Assess the need for business optimization
      • Review business objectives and ensure they are well articulated, communicated and adhered to
      • Assess business processes and functions
      • Assess data management and sharing practice
      • Assess the business and technology infrastructure
      • Assess information quality, timelessness, accuracy, completeness and relevance
      • Assess the timelessness and quality of the decisions making process and its outcome

Business Process Optimization and BPR

oci consultants are highly skilled at process and workflow management and re-engineering. We understand the uniqueness of each organization and we approach each project accordingly. We begin with a discovery phase in which we identify and chart all current processes and workflow. We then identify inefficiencies using pre-established and universally accepted benchmarks. We then present you with alternatives and best fit solutions. As part of our analysis, we provide you with detailed documentation and assist and train your staff on the new processes. In summary our tasks and deliverables will include but are not limited to:

      • Establish/validate business vision
      • Define Business Model
      • Define Business Processes
      • Perform Business Environmental Scan
      • Develop Strategic Direction
      • Prepare Business Plans
      • Communicate/Market Business Plans
      • Implement Business Plans

Our specialized Business Consultants will follow OCI’s tried and proven methodology to address:

      • Organizational Design and Development
      • Business Process Optimization and BPR
      • Operational Effectiveness
      • Streamlining Program/Project Management Office (PMO)

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