Privacy Policy

1.    Persons and/or Parties Covered

This Privacy Policy is intended to cover all solicited, unsolicited, intentional or unintentional visitors to OCI website. Visitors and/or Users refer to all subscribers to newsletters, Blog users, service requestors, jobs seekers, affiliates, partners, general users, and customers. The website, its owners, agents, operators, and OCI employees are referred to collectively herein as “Website” and/or “Site”


2.    Persons and/or Parties Covered

This site Privacy Policy continually changes in response to and to accommodate new legislations, marketplace, organizational culture, and evolving privacy and security needs. Visitors/users must be aware that due to the changing nature of this policy they agree to check the policy for any possible changes whenever they visit and/or interact with this site. As such, Visitors/Users will not receive any notification of Privacy Policy changes. Hence, it is the Visitors/users responsibility to review and check this website Privacy Policy. Visitors/users continued use and/or interaction with this site will be considered and is construed as evidences of their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Privacy Policy and any modification.


3.    Excluded Person from this Website

In the event that a person, party and/or organization are excluded from this website because of the Terms and Conditions of Use or from denial of service by the website, who nonetheless view this site, all remain subject to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and as such are in violation of the Terms and Conditions of use of tshoi Website.


4.    Viewing, Use and/or communicating constitute an Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of this Policy

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy is part and parcel of the consideration required for Visitors right to visit this Website. If Visitors do not accept these terms and conditions, they have no right to visit this website and are unlawfully using this Website.


5.    Collection and Use of Personal Information

This website routinely collects information about all Visitors/users without exceptions. Collected information is obtained in a number of including but not limited to:


6.    Information from Visitor ‘Registration’

Registration means that the Visitor willingly and willfully take active steps to communicate information to the website. This may include “pop ups”, and/or pages where Visitors register for a newsletter or mailing list; participate in surveys; request information from the website via email, mail, or courier; join an affiliate program or other partners organizations, paid/unpaid; and/or request an OCI service.


7.    Information from Visitor Email Inquiries

Website Visitors who communicate with the website do so under the following certain terms and conditions including, but not limited to:  I) they give their consent and permission for contact by the website;  II) they are subject to any ‘submission’ provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, Contract or Purchase Agreement, or this Privacy Policy. While Users/visitors email address and contact information may or may not be used to solicit them, it is added to the website’s database.


8.    Information from Banners, Pop-ups Interaction

Visitors actively clicking on pop-ups, banners or hyperlinked advertising on this website must assume that information may be collected about them. As such, this site is not responsible for the use of such information collected in this fashion. Visitors must assume that: I) information will be collected; II) ‘cookies’ may be placed on their device’s hard drive and/or storage device; III) this website has no control over what happens with such information; IV) this website is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, currency,  or content of advertisers and/or advertisements; V) This website is not responsible for downloads from any third party that may contain viruses, worms, programs and/or software that may causes Visitors/users computer or software harm; and VI) this website is not responsible for information/data that is collected from the click itself and/or the advertisers collection.


9.    Information from Customer Email or Testimonials

Customers who send an email to the website, or communicate with the site by phone or mail, the website will collects information about the communication. By communicating with the site Visitors are giving their permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and otherwise use any information collected as the site sees fit, but within professional constraints and privacy terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Within its sole discretion, communication the site deems to be a testimonial to work done by this site, its affiliates and partners, may be publicized for commercial purposes.


10.    Information from Email and/or URLs Referral

If any visitor sent an email, URL or one of this website pages* to a contact and/or 3rd party, organization or any other entities, the visitor/user must assume that some data is collected about the Visitors IP address, their email address and that of their contact. Visitors must assume that referred emails and/or web pages may appear to come from the Visitor’s email. Visitors/users must accept full and total responsibility for referring pages or email to another contact and agree to indemnify this Website for any damage, intentional or unintentional that may result from such referrals.

*  Visitors/users are prohibited from cutting, copying and pasting and/or use of any copyrighted and trademarked martial on this website without the EXPLICIT written consent from an OCI authority and/or the owner of such material. Copyrighted and Trademarked material includes but is not limited to: Diagrams, Images, Processes, Methodologies, Procedures, Framework, Software, Website structure, look and feel. Visitors may freely use Jobs Description, Newsletters and blog content except for copyrighted or trademarked components by OCI Inc. or any other entity.


11.    Information via Electronic Means and ‘Cookies’

It is common practice for websites, including this website to collect information about Visitors computer, email address, IP address and/or other related information. Visitors must assume that web-viewing and/or web-use activity may be monitored, tracked, and consequently information may be collected. Such information is usually not of a personal nature.
“Cookies” are bits of programming code placed on Visitors device’s hard drive. Websites use Cookies to keep Visitors ‘logged in’, keep track of search criteria, monitor use, password protect use of the site and/or use of products sold by the site. Cookies may also be used to obtain information about Visitors configuration and/or use of communicating devices.
Cookies can be used to electronically gather information about Visitors. This may or may not be personal information, by using this website Visitors are consenting  and providing permission to use ‘Cookies’ and to use the information gathered from their use to benefit Visitors. Visitors also give permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and use any information collected for service and/or product offering  and general commercial solicitation purposes by this website, partners and/or affiliates.


Use of Collected Information
The use of collected information described below may or may not apply to how this website usually use collected information. While actual use of any collected  information is very conservative and guarded, Visitors must assume that it is not. Visitors must assume that collected information is shared with other persons and/or entities for commercial purposes, usually customers and partners. While this is uncommon in practice, Visitors must take that in their consideration to view or interact with this website or not. This type of shared information may include Visitors name, address, phone number, email address and/or CV/resume as well as other related but impersonal information. This information may be used for general commercial solicitation by this website, other partners, affiliates and/or customers shared with.


Non-Shared Information
Financial information is not usually known nor needed by this website. However, in the event that it is made known, this information is never revealed except to relevant processing authorities and/or law enforcement agencies. However, in such event, the owner/provider of such information gives express permission to this website and/or its agents to use it in fraud investigation and/or for litigation purposes.


Spam and Unsolicited Communication
Providing communication contacts such as Name, Address, eMail, Telephone number, Fax, Resume/CV, RFPs, RFIs, RFQs, SOWs and/or Webpage and any other related information/documentation forms the basis of communication with Visitors/users of this site, as such Visitors waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited email or spam from this website; since by providing such communication information, Visitors agree to receive communication from this site, its partners, affiliates and customers. However, all email communication with users of this website shall have the option to ‘unsubscribe’ by replying with the word “unsubscribe” in the email subject line if they no longer wish to receive solicitations or information from the website. Visitors/Users name and all contact info shall be removed from OCI database, if and when any visitors request to be unsubscribed from this site.


Information/Data Security
This website employs protective measures to guard its data which also contains information related to all Visitors/Users. However, part of the Terms of Use and Conditions to view, use and/or interact with this website in any manner, Visitors waive all claims of any nature against this website including but not limited to the loss, alteration, and/or misuse of information. Visitors/users of this site must assume that it is possible for their personal data to be obtained by others, such as “hackers,” and be used in an inappropriate manner that may cause harm to Visitors/Users or/and their affiliated entities. In such event they (Visitors/Users) agree that the site is not responsible for any consequent/resulting damage to them or any of their affiliated entities/organizations.