IT Modernization

OCI IM/IT has developed tried and proven IM/IT modernization methodology with best industry practices that include: Current State Analysis, Target State Definition and Strategic and Tactical plans to achieve and maintain target state. OCI methodology will focus on the following key steps:

      • Review and refine existing Strategic Plan
      • Review existing IT infrastructure and assets
      • Review existing Technology Architecture, Security and related Standards
      • Review and make recommendations on strategic and tactical plans and directions:
            • IT Visioning and Strategy
            • IT Governance
            • Access to information assets
            • ITS Architecture review
            • Core business system review
            • ITS management and staffing strategies
      • Complete interviews with management, staff and stakeholders using pre-designed, interview questions; and statistically summarize key points of concern and opportunity
      • Identify and document gaps, risks, opportunities, and key findings
      • Present findings and renewed IT Strategic Plan to the Corporate and Operational Leadership teams
      • Adjust IT Strategic Plan based on feedback from stakeholders
      • Release and communicate finalized Strategic and tactical Plans to stakeholders
      • Manage deployment, implementation and integration programs and projects

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