Enterprise Architecture

True Enterprise Architecture should address all components including: Business, Data, Application, Technology and Security/Privacy architecture and must be business rather than technology driven. OCI Enterprise Architects will guide your organization in the Initiation, Development, Usage (execution) and Maintenance of corporate Enterprise Architecture. The process will cover at least seven key steps:

      • Assess the need for (or enhancement of) Enterprise Architecture
      • Develop (or refine) EA strategy including implementation and maintenance plans – Ensure EA is business driven
      • Establish an Organizational (or group) Structure with governance and accountability
      • Select relevant Tools and Repository
      • Organize the Existing Material
      • Begin Using the Enterprise Architecture
      • Extend and Maintain the Architecture

To ensure that EA is business driven, OCI Architects will assess and refine or establish sound business architecture as the foundation for sound EA. We will:

      • Define/identify how business works, (capabilities)
      • Identify gaps in the enterprise
      • Identify the top end-to-end business processes with possible benefits
      • Help decide which capabilities internalize vs. outsourced
      • Help resolve inconsistencies, duplications or gaps
      • Establish metrics to measure business performance

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