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OCI associates/consultants have in-depth experience in various aspects of Business and Information Technology domains including: Strategic Planning, Program/ Project Management, Enterprise Architecture (Business, Data, Application, Technology, Security), Business and System Analysis, Solution Architecture, System Design, Web and System Development, Integration and Deployment.


Once an experienced candidate apply to a given role, and if he/she qualify a short interview will be conducted to further assess qualification. If the role is with the public sector a requirement matrix may need to be filled by the candidate as well as consent submission form to client. Upon client interview and selection for the role, candidate will sign a master sub-contract agreement with OCI outlining general terms and conditions that will govern relationship with OCI.

Another one-page addendum on project by project bases will be added and signed which will outline engagement’s terms and conditions for each engagement.

The Resume

Our client has come to rely and trust our well structured and informative resume format. It is customary for experienced consultants (15+ years experience) to have several version of their resume. This is to avoid lengthy resume that would include all experiences with in-depth details.

Resume Tips:

      • Resume should not exceed 10 pages but be ideally 5-7 pages
      • Resume Version should be tailored towards a given role or relevant roles
      • Avoid too much bolding, underlining and use of multiple fonts and colours
      • Avoid fragmenting resumes with 2-3 months position/roles headings
      • Always include contact info including: full name, address, email and telephone
      • Resume structure/format can be chosen from available templates on internet
      • Resume should include:
            • Profile: It should contain years of IT experience, candidate’s Relevant roles, areas of strength, key important experience pertinent to the position
            • Professional Experience: Projects or positions in chronological order starting with most recent – this should include location, duration, start and end date
            • Business and Technical Skills
            • Education and Training
            • Community services or volunteering if any
            • Interest and hobbies

Job Application

      • All received resumes are screened and filed in OCI database according to skills, experience level, roles and locations preference
      • Candidate’s skills and experience are evaluated by specialized OCI IT recruiters against job requirements and strongest candidates are selected for brief screening interview. Candidate initial profile is prepared and stored in OCI database
      • Strongest 3-5 candidates are short listed for more in-depth interview
      • One to three best suited candidates are selected for submission to the client
      • Only selected candidates are contacted; remaining applicants are stored in OCI database for consideration for other suitable current or future opportunities

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