Solution Architecture

OCI ESA methodology is comprehensive and spans all components of end-to-end solution architecture at the enterprise, program and project level addressing design, planning, and governance of implementation projects. ESA framework:

      • Define business services, requirements, and processes
      • Identify data (information) needed for business services implementation
      • Establish application (service) architecture required to provide business services and information
      • Determine technologies needed for supporting delivery of business services and information
      • Define security architecture needed to support access security

ESA methodology employs a set of Architecture Principals to decide on investment and architecture decision:

      • Business driven Information Technology
      • Just in time architecture components
      • Common business solutions
      • Common data architecture - enterprise level
      • Secure enterprise information
      • Corporate and industry standard compliance
      • Regulatory compliance

OCI ESA Framework uses business drivers, strategic plans and EA framework to produce architecture deliverables and solutions spanning Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application (Service) Architecture, Technology Architecture and Security Architecture.

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