COTS Selection and Implementation


COTS Evaluation and Selection

OCI has managed evaluation and selection of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software packages spanning ERP, EAM, CIS, EHR, EMR, FMS, RFx, eTender, RMS, CRS, CRM, Databases, Design and Development, Methodologies and Tools. We have developed very efficient and effective approach for COTS evaluation and selection that include:

      • Requirements gathering: Business, function, architectural
      • Market and knowledge bases research
      • Stakeholders consultation and input; Internal and external
      • Budget Development
      • RFx (RFI followed by RFP) development
      • Vendors consultations and conference meetings
      • Response Evaluation and short listing
      • COTS Evaluation Matrix – ranked and weighted: 200+ criteria
      • Product selection
      • Contract Negotiation

COTS Implementation

OCI has successfully delivered on deployment and implementation of enterprise level Commercial Off the-Shelf Software (COTS) packages to numerous public and private sectors clients spanning EAM, ERP, EHR, EMR, FMS, Databases and Methodology technology tools. OCI has developed efficient and effective best practices and methodologies for COTS implementation and upgrade that cover:

      • Current state assessment covering: processes, applications, infrastructure and security
      • Develop and Program/Project management framework and plans covering: Requirements, Scope, schedule, Financial, Quality, Resource, Stakeholders, communication, Change, Risks and Procurement management plans
      • Identify gaps, deficiencies and risks and develop and implement remediation plans
      • Define requirements including business, architectural, functional and technology
      • Build delivery mixed team of OCI and client staff
      • Establish steering committee including: sponsors, executives and management
      • Develop and implement master implementation plan
      • Develop Projects plans
      • Manage COTS implementation through the PMLC phases including:

            • Environment build,
            • Product configuration
            • Functional features implementation
            • Testing – Functional, Technology, performance and acceptance
            • Release management and roll out
            • Closure

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