Strategic Planning

We understand and believe IT to be one of the business key functions, and as such it needs to be aligned, if not fused, and continuously calibrated to serve and fully support other business functions. IT focus should be an enabling business to deliver value and proactively help business attain and sustain competitive edge. Understanding and treating IT as key business function, will imperatively lead to understand:

      • Business Operation
      • Strategic Business Goals
      • Available Resources
      • Environment and Operating Context
      • Relevant Technology Roadmap
      • How to Business Drive Execution

OCI Strategy consultants are uniquely positioned to successfully carry out your enterprise strategic planning which will focus on these main components:

      • Mission
      • Objectives
      • Situational Analysis
      • Strategy Formulation
      • Implementation
      • Control

The IM/IT Vision and Strategy will provide a multi-year view of the organization; the overall Strategic IM/IT Plan will be reviewed annually as part of the business planning process to refresh the plan based on accomplishments to date and to ensure continued alignment with departmental technology, business and support needs. The IM/IT Strategic focus will be on:

      • IT vision and Strategy (aligned with business strategy)
      • IT Governance (aligned with Business Governance)
      • Access to Information Assets
      • Architecture (including infrastructure) review
      • Core Business System review
      • IM/IT Management and Staffing Strategies

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