Corporate Sustainability Practice

OCI promotes corporate sustainability built around social and environmental considerations and ethical practices through education, leading by example and subsiding activities and actions towards this objective. OCI has a “Green” strategy built around the three (3) Rs, Reduce Rcycle, Reuse which OCI apply and encourage its employees, client and community to apply through all facets of their work and private life. OCI also extends its sustainability to the social sphere with responsibility towards employees, clients and community. In brief, some of OCI practices and steps towards corporate sustainability include:

      • Promote awareness and the importance of the 3Rs and make it as part of the company culture
      • Devices reduction through consolidation from servers, to desktops to coffee makers
      • Avoid using disposable material
      • Promote awareness of the negative side of consumerism to discourage it
      • Devices hibernation or unplugging when not in use
      • Reduce printing and encourage use of duplex printing
      • Provide flexible onsite office hours and allow maximum remote work
      • Encourage taking public transportation and car pooling, instead of driving to office and provide subsidies towards that
      • Use offices lights movement sensors to turn off when rooms are not in use
      • Provide office collection boxes for safe disposal of toxic material, such as batteries and electronic devices
      • Provide office collection boxes for recycling and compost
      • Allow employees time off when needed for family or personal reasons
      • Contribute financial and volunteers support to community drive towards green programs
      • Adhere to corporate transparency, stakeholder’s engagement, professionalism and insightful long term planning