Data Management


With ever increasing reliance and usage of the internet, social media and the increasing regulatory and business need for more data and ever increasing requirements to turn his massive collection of data into useful information, Data Management (DM) is fast becoming one of the key critical discipline the organization.

OCI has been working on data management since early 1990s and has successfully planned and implemented Data Sharing, Common Data Architecture (CDM) and Data Collection strategies along with Data Warehousing, Data Marts, Business Intelligence and Analytics for many corporations in Health Care, Defence and Aerospace, Banking, Finance and Public Sector services. OCI has developed an effective adaptable discipline, expertise and knowhow spanning all 10 functions of Data Management and Data Governance areas:

      • Data Governance: Planning, Supervision and control over data management and use
      • Data Architecture Management: An integral part of the Enterprise Architecture
      • Data Development: Analysis, design, building, testing, deployment and maintenance
      • Database Operations Management: Support for structured physical data assets
      • Data Security Management: Ensuring privacy, confidentiality, and appropriate access
      • Reference and MDM: Managing golden versions and replicas
      • Data Warehousing and BI Management: Endless access to decision support data for reporting and analysis
      • Document and Content Management: Storing, protecting, indexing and enabling
      • Metadata Management: Integrating, controlling and delivering meta data
      • Data Quality Management: Defining, monitoring and improving data quality

Data Management Strategic Planning:

      • Perform EDM Strategic Planning
      • Define Enterprise Data Policies
      • Promote Compliance with Policies, Procedures and Standards
      • Publicize and Promote EDM
      • Identify and Justify Resources and Budget needs
      • Monitor EDM Program Performance
      • Coordinate with external Standards Organization

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