OCI Sample Post – 2

OCI suggested project approach:


1- OCI consultant use FNHA adopted methodology, standards and guidelines and where it may missing, will suggest industry best practice.
2- OCI Consultant will use FNHA adopted methodology for PMLC and SDLC which will impact the project plan and schedule and tasks iteration
3- Suggested approach below only addresses some aspect of the work

With the help of OCI designated Practice Manager, and working independently and/or in collaboration with respective stakeholders, OCI consultant can carry out the following tasks – some of these activities will be conducted in parallel:

1- Conduct discovery stage
2- Understand objective and goals
3- Identify Stakeholders (Internal and External)
4- Form projects steering committee, working committee and project team
5- Conduct current state covering Business Processes, Data, Application, Technology/Infrastructure, Security/privacy
6- Define/validate target state and obtain consensus and approval
7- Develop strategy to achieve target state covering business and technology aspect – obtain approval from stakeholders
8- Formulate master and tactical plans to achieve target state – obtain consensus and approval
a. The project plans will cover all aspect of PMLC/SDLC and follow PMBOK framework.
9- Project plans should be staggered and cover:
a. Requirements analysis and definition/validation – and approval
b. Solution architecture definition and planning covering Process, Data, Application, Technology and Security/Privacy – Internal vs COTS solutions. Weather COTS or developed ,solutions should adhere to business, functional and technical requirements including scalability, availability, interoperability, supportability, connectivity, usability, accessibility …etc.
c. Solution design addressing all elements in (a) above and including integration and interfaces.
d. Solution development – follow adopted methods
e. Solution testing – various levels of testing including functional, technical, performance, stress and acceptance testing
f. Conduct operational risk assessment
g. Deploy solution – staggered
h. Operation setup
10- Benefits assessment
11- Closure


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